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Ao menos uma notícia boa...

Após uma forte pressão dos ativistas, o congresso americano aprovou uma medida que pretende enviar 173 milhôes de dólares para Darfur, num fundo de emergência. 

Enquanto isso, no chão a situação piora. Os conflitos estão atravessando a fronteira cada vez mais rápidos e já ocupa parte do território do Chade, país vizinho. 50 mil habitantes do país já tiveram que deixar suas casas e ir morar nos campos de refugiados junto com os já milhões de darfurianos. 

A equipe da ONU, que já estava no país avaliando a implantação de uma missão de paz na região, passou por esses campos, onde os refudiagos imploraram para que haja uma intervenção. 

Mas a intervenção ainda está sendo organizada, e a ONU aguarda autorização do goveno sudanês, que ainda não concordou e insiste que uma força militar não é necessária. 

As notícias foram novamente tiradas do boletim da Genocide Intervention Network, que eu vou colocar na íntegra abaixo. 

Genocide Intervention Network: Have a Hand in Stopping Genocide

Darfur News Brief: June 16, 2006

Genocide Intervention Network

Have a Hand in Stopping Genocide

This week in Darfur:

Following a week of travel throughout Darfur and Chad, the UN assessment team began talks this week with the African Union. Both groups are hopeful that the Sudanese government will concede to allowing an international peacekeeping force.

The government of Sudan continues to oppose a UN transition force, as violence in Darfur continues to worsen and new reports this week show that violence is beginning to increase drastically in Chad.

The Situation on the Ground


Refugees in

Darfur and Chad implored the delegation to send international peacekeepers.

The UN assessment team visited Chad and observed, firsthand, the effects of the spillover of violence. With regular attacks from Sudanese Janjaweed and rebel groups, up to 50,000 Chadians have now left their homes and are living next to Darfurians in refugee camps. The ethnic nature of the violence is also bleeding into Chad. The Janjaweed have begun recruiting Arab Chadians to join in their attacks. Chadian President Idriss Deby continues to accuse Sudan of inciting and funding this violence.

The UN delegation is seeking a resolution to the Darfur conflict that will address violence in Darfur and Chad.

The BBC reports this week that refugees still feel that there is not enough security in Darfur for them to return home. A Sudanese Red Crescent clinic — one of only two serving more than 40,000 refugees — will likely be forced to close in the coming weeks due to lack of international aid.

In a positive development, the African Union established a commission to monitor the cease-fire that was agreed to as part of the May 5 peace deal. Yet CBS reports how the AU continues to be outnumbered and outgunned. CBS reporter Lara Logan also wrote an in-depth account of her trip through Darfur.

Amnesty International reported that China has been exporting military equipment that is being used to commit atrocities in highly volatile conflict regions including Darfur.

The satellite channel LinkTV will air "Crisis and Hope in Africa" next week. The program will include a special preview of the Darfur Diaries feature film as well as a panel conversation from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum with author Samantha Power and others.

assessment team visited Darfur and Chad last week and issued a report (PDF) upon their return.

The Proposed UN Transfer

The AU and the UN are currently in the midst of

Many have been hopeful that the government of Sudan was progressing towards allowing a UN force. However, after allowing a UN

assessment team to visit Darfur and stating their commitment to continuing discussions with the UN, the Sudanese government is taking a firm stance against allowing a UN force in Darfur. The government stated that they feel that a UN force will not help the situation and they encouraged that UN assessment team to focus on implementing the Darfur Peace Agreement and supporting the AU.

Some international observers are still fearful that the UN peacekeeping mission may face violent opposition at the hands of Sudanese who consider the UN force to be an invasion.

conversations about the proposed transition force. Both groups are still working to persuade the government of Sudan to accept a UN force. While plans for an international force continue, NATO is considering a request from the AU to provide trainers to African units.

The International Criminal Court

After months of silence, Luis Moreno Ocampo, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, stated that his office has been able to

document war crimes committed in Darfur including mass killings of civilians and hundreds of rapes. Ocampo expects to prosecute a series of criminals, none of which have been prosecuted by the courts that were established by the government of Sudan. The ICC, unlike the courts established by the Sudanese government, is seeking to identify those suspects with the greatest responsibility for the worst war crimes in Darfur.

Thank Congress for Supporting Peacekeepers

This week, Congress approved $173 million for peacekeeping in Darfur. Your e-mails and phone calls made it happen.

Now, please be sure to write your members of Congress and thank them for their important vote — reminding them that despite the May 5 peace agreement, violence has not ceased. Continued support from Congress will be essential to ending the genocide.

The United States can stop genocide in Darfur — but only if it continues to make it a financial priority.


The Peace Process

The government of Sudan issued a decree of

Analysts continue to show that the peace deal

does not meet the needs of people on the ground in Darfur. The rebels who are abstaining from signing the peace deal issued a letter this week calling on the international community to continue to support negotiations in an effort to work towards a peace deal that meets the needs of their groups.

amnesty for all rebels who signed the Darfur Peace Agreement. Disputes over the May 5 deal continue throughout Darfur. The UN delegation that visited Darfur recently heard reports of new attacks and clashes between the main rival factions of the SLA.

International Action

The US Congress and President Bush approved $173 million in

emergency funding for Darfur peacekeepers. Please take a minute to thank your member of Congress for this crucial vote.

International Activism

Ronan Farrow, Representative of the Genocide Intervention Network, is joining his mother, actress Mia Farrow, on a trip to Darfur to

Nick Clooney, father of George Clooney, opened an

exhibit at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. The exhibit includes pictures taken on a trip that he and George Clooney took to Darfur in April.

High school students near Boston working with STAND organized a "Rock for Darfur" concert that raised $1200 and generated voicemails for Sen. John Kerry's office. Students from Long Island, meanwhile, generated 800 letters to elected officials in New York and the UN by working with Help Darfur Now.

highlight the need for civilian protection in the face of ongoing genocide there. Ronan and Mia Farrow will be writing regular updates while in Darfur, which will be made available on the website of the Genocide Intervention Network.

Special Reports Summary

The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court issued a report on the

The United Nations Joint Logistics Center issued a

bulletin outlining major security concerns in Darfur.

The United Nations Country Team in Sudan issued four situation reports this week which detail the security situation in Darfur and other areas of Sudan. As mentioned above, a UN assessment team visited Darfur and Chad and issued a report (PDF) upon their return.

ongoing investigation into war crimes committed in Darfur.

Archived editions of the Darfur News Briefs can be found on our website.

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