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Sem muitas mudanças.

Essa semana acabou sem muitas novidades no desenrrolar das negociações e conflitos. A maioria das notícias continuam como as do último post. Mas eu vou postar, em inglês, o e-mail do Genocide Intervention Network, para quem quiser ler um pouco mais sobre elas: 

Genocide Intervention Network: Have a Hand in Stopping Genocide
Darfur News Brief: May 12, 2006
Genocide Intervention Network
Have a Hand in Stopping Genocide
This week in Darfur:

Mediators spent the week negotiating with the JEM and a faction of the SLA in an attempt to encourage these rebel groups to sign on to the peace deal that was accepted by the government of Sudan and the largest Darfur rebel group last Friday.

While small steps are being taken to realize this peace deal, most international observers still agree that the deal will mean little on the ground in Darfur unless a larger peacekeeping force is deployed. The government of Sudan stated this week that they are considering allowing the UN to deploy a force.

The Situation on the Ground

An AU force commander stated this week that the AU would need

Jan Egeland met with the Sudanese government to encourage them lift travel bans and other restrictions that have hindered the delivery of aid in Darfur.

Egeland also visited the Kalma camp in Darfur. He was greeted by a host of refugees calling for protection from an international force. Egeland fled the camp just before the start of a riot during which an Oxfam worker was attacked. Reports on the riot differ, some stating that the aid worker was a translator and that he was killed others reporting that no one was hurt.

Kofi Annan and AU representatives condemned recent attacks against aid workers in Darfur including the attack in Kalma camp. Human Rights Watch called on all sides to cease attacks against aid workers.

The BBC broadcast an analysis of Sudan's "interlocking wars."

at least 15,000 troops in Darfur in order to provide adequate security. A Nigerian newspaper said that no AU peacekeepers in Darfur had been paid for two months.
The Government of Sudan

The government of Sudan restated their

Sudanese government officials have reserved eight seats in the Sudanese parliament for the SLA faction that signed the peace deal. They have promised to begin disarming the Janjaweed next week.

commitment to fulfilling the agreements of last week's peace deal. In the wake of this agreement, the government of Sudan has begun to consider the possibility of a UN force in Darfur, though a presidential adviser asserted it was not necessary. The government of Sudan maintains that no force should be created without their approval. President Bush called for more UN troops for Darfur and urged the government of Sudan to accept a UN peacekeeping mission.
The Peace Process

Last week, a faction of the SLA led by Minni Arcua Minnawi signed a

Mediators spent the week defending the agreement. Refugees in Darfur are still doubtful that the peace deal will mean real change on the ground. News of the SLA faction's decision to sign the peace deal was met by riots in some refugee camps in Darfur.

The JEM and a rival faction of the SLA led by Abdel-Wahed Mohamed Nur maintain that the current peace deal does not meet all of the essential demands of the people of Darfur. These groups continued to negotiate throughout the week amid pressure from mediators, the US, the UN and other international actors who have been urging the rebel groups to sign on. Rebels in Chad say they will continue to fight against the government there, likely leading to continuing instability for the Darfurian refugees in Chad.

AU officials reported Thursday that Nur's faction of the SLA may be reconsidering their position on the agreement. The chairperson of the African Union said that peace in Darfur is critical for peace in the entire continent.

peace deal with the government of Sudan. It is unclear whether this deal will hold. A spokesperson for Minnawi stated Sunday that the SLA was beginning to implement the peace deal. However, members of Minnawi's faction stated that they feel Minnawi was wrong to sign this agreement and that the agreement was signed under immense pressure.
Contact Congress
Tell your members of Congress that the peace deal in Darfur will only work if the international community commits to protecting civilians!


International Action

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

It will be at least six months until the peacekeeping force will be deployed. The UN is also considering organizing a force to protect civilians and Darfurian refugees in Chad.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour is working to pressure the International Criminal Court to do more to ensure that perpetrators of war crimes in Darfur are held accountable.

President Bush requested that Congress provide $225 million in emergency food aid for Darfur.

Canadian Defense Minister Gordon O'Connor stated that Canada does not have enough troops to contribute to a peacekeeping mission in Darfur.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair told partner NATO countries that the peacekeeping force in Darfur must have "sufficient firepower," though it is unlikely anything will come from NATO itself.

urged the UN Security Council to act quickly to implement the peace deal and resolve the humanitarian and security crisis in Darfur. Kofi Annan restated the need for a UN force in Darfur. The United States is circulating a draft resolution in the UN that sets a May 30 deadline for an assessment team deployment.
International Activism

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof published a profile of his "

Author Samantha Power urged activists beyond the United States to begin organizing a visible anti-genocide movement in their own countries.

The anonymous aid worker who had been blogging from the ground in Darfur for nine months as Sleepless in Sudan began a new blog at The Guardian under the pseudonym Catherine Jameson.

heroes of Darfur." Nick Clooney, who with his son George Clooney appeared at the Rally to Stop Genocide in Washington, D.C., thanked President Bush for his leadership on Darfur.
Special Reports Summary

The United Nations Country Team in Sudan issued a new

Professor Eric Reeves lamented the West's inaction on protecting civilians from genocide in Darfur. Following last week's peace agreement, he explained the need for an international peacekeeping force to ensure that the agreement actually translates to peace on the ground.

country report, which details security and humanitarian updates throughout Darfur.

Archived editions of the Darfur News Briefs can be found on our website.

O importante agora é a ONU finalmente decidir mandar as tropas de paz. Diplomatas disseram que os 15 países do Conselho de Segurança estão perto de um consenso em relação a isso, e eles devem votar a resolução na semana que vem. Acho que é a hora certa para escrever para os representantes do Brasil, não vejo muito mais que possamos fazer daqui. (E sugestões são aceitas.)

E a série da Warner, E.R. vai fazer um episódio sobre Darfur, na próxima semana. Eu já havia ouvido vários elogios à série em sites americanos relacionados ao movimento, e vi que ele vai passar na quinta que vem, as 22:00h, no canal de tv a cabo Warner. 

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